An Inspector Calls, Before The Scenes

Posted August 20th, 2016 by Heng Woon

Some backstory: I was looking through some of my old files and came across a script I made with some of my friends as part of our Literature project in school, An Inspector Calls. We were supposed to make a video, re-enacting a scene from any 4 of the Birlings or Gerald. Except, it had to be from Eva Smith’s point of view. I have to admit that I cringed after reading this (and I still do), knowing that I could have done it better, nevertheless, it was an interesting project.


Scene 1

1910 somewhere in Brumley

*E is sitting around a table with R1, R2 and R3*

E: Isn’t your sister’s birthday coming up soon? Are you getting any present for her?

*R1 looks a bit disappointed*

R1: No…it’s kind of hard with so little savings left.
R2: Well I would surprised if you could with the poor pay we get.
E: I know right! We are already as thrifty as can be and yet, with every holidays, we near bankruptcy! It’s all thanks to dear Mr Birling who pays us so poorly when he is living his life in the riches. Don’t you thinks so? Shouldn’t we be doing something about this?

*Everyone looks down and thinks about it*

R3: Now that I think about it, you are right!
R2: Yeah!
R1: But…
R2: But what?
R1: But you know that it probably won’t work right?
R3: We could just start with negotiations then!
R1: Well-
R2: Who wants to do the negotiating then?
E: I’ll try to negotiate with Mr Birling. Anyone disagrees with it?
*Nobody raises their hand and R1 sighs in defeat*

Scene 2

1910 August, Birling and Company

*Mr Birling’s office*

B: No.
E: You have to understand sir-
B: You may protest all you want but what I am currently paying you will remain the same. Now please leave my office this instant.
E: … *leaves room*

*Outside the room, all of the girls are waiting anxiously*

R3: I’m guessing it didn’t go well huh…

*E nods grimly*

R2: So does that mean we move onto plan B?
R1: What’s Plan B?
R2: Go on a strike of course!
R1: Did you even think this through? Will he actually listen after telling us no? What makes you think that going on a STRIKE will make him change his mind?
E: Because there is always a possibility which can only be found out when dug out.
R1: I have a bad feeling about this though…

*Loud protesting happening on first floor. Mr Birling is on 2nd floor looking downto see what is happening*

B: What on earth is all that ruckus about?
*B looks down and sees the protesters. Camera zoom into E*

B: *Disappointing sigh with hand on face* It’s that girl who always has too much to say. Should have expected this. Nevermind, this disturbance won’t be able to last long anyways. They only just came back from the holidays after all.

*Mr Birling walks away*

*Scene reopens with Mr Birling sitting down in his office reading a bunch of papers in his hand*

B: Pity that she didn’t wait.  She could have gotten promoted to a leading operator but instead, she decided to be impatient. Oh well, looks like we can give that to someone else then. Too much to say for someone who shows potential.

Scene 3

*A few weeks later Mr Birling is standing (sitting?) in front of the group of Ringleaders and Eva Smith*

B: No need to explain why I am here am I correct?

*Everyone nods in silence*

B: Good. So let me get straight to the point. You 4 have been identified as the ringleaders of the recent strike which means that I would have to take certain actions upon you.
B: I understand the other’s were influenced by your words which is why I have let them off and back into the company, at the old rates of course.
B: But you 4, started this whole thing, which is why I have come to the decision that you 4 are now officially fired from this company. After all, it’s a free country.

*The 4 ringleaders hang their heads low*

4 ringleaders: Yes sir.

*They walk out of the room and start to talk*

R1: *She swings towards E* Who was the one who said that we should try? Look where it got us! This is all your fault! If only someone decided to not be so insistent on everything, would we not have been in this situation in the first place!

*E looks down and R1 gives her a glare before storming off. Everyone else is unsure of what to do and the

Ringleaders look at each other in worry then leave the scene, leaving E behind*

E: I’m sorry…