Trust and Accountability

Some readings to kick off this topic:

Trust and Accountability: They Go Hand-in-Hand!

  • “Accountability among team members does¬†not¬†occur until trust is built.”
  • Sharing information (personal and professional) builds trust among teammates
  • Fulfilling shorter duration assignments helps us build up trust with our teammates

  • If an employee who makes no effort whatsoever, holding him accountable “is logical and necessary”; but holding an employee accountable for an impossible task is ludicrous
  • “The conundrum is that employees who witness their peers not performing up to expectations, yet not being held fully accountable, leads to a lowering of trust in the organization as well.”


Trust and Accountability

  • While many managers hold employees accountable for missed targets and deadlines, many miss opportunities to hold employees accountable for successes and jobs well done
  • “Think about being more proactive with your accountability feedback. You can do so in a more principle centered way. When we hold people accountable in a punitive way it works against a culture of trust every time.”

  • “When people work together, honest mistakes and disappointments happen, and it’s easy to blame someone who causes these. However, when everyone starts pointing fingers, an unpleasant atmosphere can quickly develop. This lowers morale, undermines trust, and is ultimately unproductive.”
  • “Trust is an essential element in team productivity. Without it, you’re unlikely to get anything meaningful done.”


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