Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Parent Link

A. About Parent Link

Q: What is Parent Link? Can you tell me more about Parent Link? How long has Parent Link been around?

A:  First things first, we are all parents of children studying at Radin Mas Primary School. The members, including the ExCo to the casual volunteers are not employed nor teach in the school. We’re simply active parents who want to make all children at Radin Mas Primary School have a great learning experience.

Started in 1999, Parent Link is the parent support group (PSG) of Radin Mas Primary School (RMPS). We are volunteers who come together to support the School in our children’s journey.

We are parents who believe that the school-parent partnership helps in the overall development of our children. We believe in partnering the school and are leading by example to make education a more meaningful and enriching experience.

We organise events and activities of both academic and non-academic nature to help develop our children holistically.

B. Events and Activities

Q: What exactly do you do? 

A: We partner the School in the running of events and activities to engage parents and pupils. In the course of engaging parents, we seek to foster closer ties among all in the RMPS family.  This reinforces the integral role that we play in our children’s lives, not only at home but in school too.

Q: What activities are available?

A: We have many activities planned. Please refer to our calendar in our blog, parentlinkrmps.comma.sg for more details. We welcome ideas and will be most happy to hear from you if you have other activities to share with us.

Q: Can I bring my child / my maid along to attend the activities?

A: We strongly encourage parents to join us in all our activities. These can be bonding activities with your child or sharing sessions with other parents. Children are most welcome for the parent-child bonding activities.


C. Volunteer with us – contact us!

Q: My spouse and I work full time and are unable to commit to any fixed or regular time frame or volunteer duties. Can we still join? What if I cannot commit long term? More like on an ad-hoc basis?

A: Please contact us if you can volunteer in any way. Many of the activities are run by volunteers who come together for just that particular activity. We are very appreciative of volunteers who help out in one way or another. Do take the first step and contact us. We will definitely get back to you!

Q: What is a Parent Class Representative (PCR)? What is a Parent Level Representative (PLR)? What are PLRs and PCRs expected to do? How long is the term of office?

A: Parent Class Representatives (PCRs) are chosen from parents who have opted to join in the parent class network (PCN). You will be the key touch-point among parents in your class and serve as an important communication node ensuring that information flows to other parents, while gathering feedback and garnering support for the School’s or Parent Link events.

Parent Level Representatives (PLRs) are the elected from amongst the PCRs of each level and help link up with the ExCo.

The PLRs/PCRs are also encouraged to engage and network with the ExCo and other PLRs/PCRs.

New PCRs and PLRs are selected at the beginning of each school year.

Q: What if I have further questions?

A: Contact us through our blog (http://parentlinkrmps.comma.sg/), Facebook or email us (parentlinkrmps@gmail.com).


D. Membership and Payments

Q: I thought Parent Link membership is free? Why should I join? Why must I pay membership fees? If I have other older children in the school, must I still pay?

A: Starting from this year, all parents/guardians are Parent Link members.  This is a new initiative by RMPS to better engage parents, recognising the key role that parents play in partnership with the School.

With a much expanded membership, we hope to be better able to reach out and engage all parents.

The one-time membership fee of $10 per child helps defray the day to day expenses in the running of Parent Link.  All monies received will be properly accounted for.

Q: How are Parent Link’s finances managed?

A: We encourage all parents to attend the AGM where we will present PL’s financial reports of the year. The Treasurer is responsible for the management of PL’s finances, with checks in place by the Chairman and other ExCo members.  And the Honorary Auditor will also provide an additional level of check before the accounts are closed for the year.

Furthermore, in light of the larger sums involved this year, the Treasurer submits to the ExCo monthly cash balance reports.  We are considering how and whether more financial details should be made available to members.

Q: I joined when my first child entered RMPS. Why do I need to pay again? Do I need to pay when my other child enters RMPS, too?
Q: I have already registered for my elder child, do I need to register for my second child?
Q: How much should I pay for my membership fee? I already have one child in upper primary and I have already paid in the past.

A: The membership fee is applicable to Primary Ones and Twos of 2013. From 2014, the membership fee will only apply to all Primary Ones.

The membership will be for both parents and will be valid throughout the child’s stay in RMPS.  Fees are collected only for the first and second child. From the third child onwards, the membership fee will not apply if the older siblings are still in RMPS and the parents hold valid membership during the time of enrolment of the third child.

If a parent had paid term or annual membership fee for the first child under the old fee structure, the parent will still need to pay the membership fee for the younger child if the child is in Primary One or Two in 2013.

If only annual membership fee is paid for either or both of the two older siblings under the old fee structure, membership fee will apply to the third child upon enrolment in 2013 because the membership is no longer valid.

We highly encourage parents to register with us again, even though you may have registered with us earlier with the older sibling. This is so that we can update our records and contact you on the upcoming events.


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    My child is currently in P2 this year. I remembered I did join parentlink during last year orientation program. Can I check am I still a member ?


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